The Trax Off Road Cycling Club of Lordship Rec

Event: Club meeting followed by club local ride

When:  Saturday 9th January
10am -  Club Monthly meeting
12am -  Club local ride

Where: Lordship Rec @hut by the new playground.

Hi there. I am Daniel Mintz the Chairperson of The Trax. If you have not heard of us then The Trax is a new off road cycling club for the riders of Lordship Rec.

I wanted to send you on an invite to our first Trax club meeting and fun local off road ride of the new year. In this meeting we will define our 3 year plan and vision for the club as well as tie down our club constitution. Afterwards we head out on a local club ride which will be to either Trent Park or another park (please bring a helmet). You can turn up to either the meeting or just the ride or both.

The meeting is Saturday 9th January 10am – 12:00 at the Hut by the new playground in Lordship Rec. The ride sets off at midday and members and guests of all ages and experience are welcome. Drop us a line if you fancy coming along?

To join us on a ride there is a short guide below on how to go about it..

If you are not a member and over 18 and want to join us for a ride you will need to sign a Guest Entry Form.

If you are under 18 (aged 13-17) you will need to bring a Parental Consent Form and bring it with you already signed on the day.

If you are under 13 (aged 12 and under) you will need to bring the Parental Consent Form signed prior to the ride and will also need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the ride (parents very welcome too).

You can download the forms here or contact me and I can post one to you happily.

To become a member (currently free) just come to the site and register.

We are a young and friendly club and meet regularly on Saturdays for local and away day rides (all posted on the website). As we grow we aim to offer more local club activities. Very soon in the next fortnight we will send out more info on the The New Junior Trax for under 16’s which launches on February 6th offering skills coaching, bike set up and activities for 10-16 year olds in the Rec. We are already taking applications if you are interested.

Have a wonderful holiday season and new year and I hope to see you on the 9th Jan for either the meeting at 10am or the ride at midday or both even 🙂

Happy cycling

Daniel Mintz – Chairperson
The Trax Club