Lordship Hub & Cafe

Lordship Hub is a thriving community centre and Cafe (with public toilets) in the centre of Lordship Rec by the lake and children’s playground. The cafe is open every day from 11-5pm (sometimes longer on weekends in summer). There are classes, workshops, activities for all ages and a lovely cafe where you can get hot and cold drinks, ice creams, snacks and other food. You can also buy special healthy food for feeding the birds on the lake. For information on what is on at the hub visit: https://lordshiphub.org.uk/whats-on/

The Hub is a community co-operative run by its members. Anyone can become a member of the Hub and once a member, you can help make decisions about the Hub and how it is run and what it does at the regular members’ meet-ups, which are more social occasions for friendly discussion about the Hub or open board meetings which are much more detailed and  involved with the business side of the organisation. See the Hub website for details: www.lordshiphub.org.uk