Gathering User Views

The Lordship Rec Users Forum was set up in 2002 and is a group which aims to bring together all local groups, agencies and institutions who have an interest in Lordship Rec. This includes representatives of relevant Haringey Council departments, The Friends of Lordship Rec, local Residents Associations and other voluntary ecological or sports groups who operate in the Rec.

The Forum meets monthly at the Hub to discuss any plans or proposals that come up regarding the Rec so that there can be a coordinated approach to any future development. The aim is to promote communication and coordination and to become a powerful voice for Rec Users.

Since the Forum has been in existence we have successfully bid for funding for three new play facilities and worked tirelessly for the successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for major improvements, including restoring the River Moselle and building the Hub, creating meadows and an orchard and refurbishing historical areas like the Model Traffic Area. Together we have organised several public consultations and have produced a master plan for the park which is being worked on and improved together with the management and maintenance plan for the Rec. Click here to read the ‘Users Forum Vision Statement’.