The River Moselle

The River Moselle is a tributary of the River Lea and has its source in Queens Wood in Highgate.

The Moselle River used to run through a concrete culvert under a path in Lordship Rec. The only place it could really be seen above ground was in Tottenham Cemetery. In 2012, when the major refurbishment of the Rec took place with a generous Heritage Lottery Grant, the Moselle was brought to the surface and now runs through a beautiful new river channel which, in spring and summer, has a multitude of plants and flowers. And the birds and insects love it too! There are also 3 new scenic wooden bridges.

The Friends are very involved, through the Lordship Rec Users Forum, with developing a management plan for the river. There have been problems with misconnections of private water pipes along the route of the Moselle from Highgate but Thames Water, the Environment Agency and the Council have been active in trying to clear this up. This is a long process but in time we should see the benefits of all this work. Once many of the existing misconnections are dealt with the Council will carry out regular maintenance to keep the river flowing and cleaner.