Lordship Wildlife Group

Announcing. .  . the formation of the Lordship Wildlife Group

As users of the Rec will know, the Park is an incredible green space in the heart of urban Tottenham, home to an astonishing array of wildlife. 

We have three species of bat, amazing biodiversity in the lake area and currently, visiting Canada Geese.  Even from my office at the Community Centre, I’ve spotted jays, woodpeckers and a sparrow hawk!  There is such a lot of potential for local people to get involved in the Park now and work together to make the Rec an even more welcoming spot for all types of Flora and Fauna.  Certain sections of the Rec already need work to make them more wildlife friendly.  The Lordship Wildlife Group should be an important means of ensuring that biodiversity remains central to the regeneration of this green space and that all can benefit from it – not just us humans!

Next Wednesday!  2nd February! 3.00pm at the Back 2 Earth office, Broadwater Farm Community Centre.

Teas, coffees, refreshments all provided…

Do come along if you have any ideas for promoting biodiversity, a particular area of interest or just want to find out more about wildlife in the Park.  Apologies for the early time, if there is enough demand then meetings can be moved to the evenings

from Felix Waterhouse, Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Rec