New bike park / track

For all ages and abilities

We are designing an off-road bike track / bike park for Lordship Rec  weaving through the woodland by the adventure playground. This is because the old track needs moving and re-doing.

We need your help!!

We know that the best people to help design the track are the people that will ride it. So, we want your opinion on how it’s made. We want to know what you want to see, so we can build something that everybody will love, and use, and will last for years. It has to be:

  • attractive to current park users of all ages and abilities
  • able to be used safely without staffing at any time
  • able to fit into the natural landscape in an environmentally sensitive way


Online survey – go to:

Consultation in the Rec: Sat April 11th   1pm-3pm

Consultation organised by the Lordship Rec Users Forum in co-operation with

Contact directly:

daniel.mintz ‘at’

07979 516773