Lordship Loop Bike Park – coming soon!

The new  "Lordship Loop" bike park in Lordship Recreation Grounds in Tottenham is a really exciting off road mountain bike track due for completion in October 2011.

Commissioned by Haringey council the Lordship Loop construction is being led by Rowan Sorrell a Welsh Downhill Mountain Biking Champion and his Back on Track team who have a wealth of experience in designing and building bike tracks.  The design has had significant input from Rowan himself as well as the different local community groups including Lordship Recs local off road cycling club The Trax.

Lordship Loop

The "Lordship Loop" is created within open areas of woodland and the design is a big long ‘pump track’ style trail loop which is ridden individually and is very skills and feature intensive. It will cover a looped distance of 391metres which will be made from re-used earth bunds from recycled earth from the park and surfaced with aggregates to provide a fun year round riding facility. Designed as a single track experience it will be made up of rollers, berms, roller doubles and step-up jumps and will be rollable by all abilities but with more challenging jumps for experienced riders. The track is open all year.

The Trax off road cycling club was set up in advance of the design work to create a cycling community in Tottenham around the Lordship Loop track to ensure that its design meets local needs as well as to ensure its adoption, sustainability and maintenance once built. To this aim The Trax has been successfully growing a vibrant (free) youth club that meets every Saturday 10-1pm for 8-16 year olds and holding regular rides in and around Tottenham for the last 18 months.

Daniel Mintz chair of The Trax (www.thetrax.co.uk) is quoted as saying:

"The Trax are delighted to be working with Rowan Sorrell and his Back on Track team and are grateful to Haringey council and the local community for the opportunity. The Lordship Loop is a fantastic community project in Tottenham and could not have been made possible without the wide community support bought together through the Lordship Rec Users Forum led by the Friends of Lordship Rec and Haringey council working together with user groups such as The Trax. To make it a success at launch and beyond we are calling on the local community and the wider bike community to get involved now!

Volunteer opportunities exist to help the club maintain the track, coach local kids on it, run and marshall competitions between schools on it as well as help fundraise to maintain it and the club and more.  The opportunities are vast!  Please come join us and maybe we can make this not just an amazing local community resource for Tottenham but even a blueprint for other parks around London and beyond"

The project will offer wide community benefits including encouraging more local people of all ages into sport (with its associated health and social benefits) as well as offering valuable volunteer opportunities to develop skills around the local club framework which has been set up to manage the track.

More details on the launch and launch event will follow soon.

Please contact Daniel Mintz at daniel_mintz@yahoo.co.uk 07990577206 to get involved.