River Moselle Walk

Haringey’s ‘Forgotten’ River No Longer A Secret!

Park users produce new pamphlet and organise successful walk to celebrate Haringey’s ‘forgotten’ River Moselle and its new open section in Lordship Rec
– 80 attend residents Walk on Sunday 24th June

To celebrate the launch of the new River Moselle guide and the restoration of the river in Lordship Rec, 80 residents took part in a 6 mile walk on Sunday 24th June along the route of Haringey’s ‘forgotten’ and mostly underground river. The walk was organised by the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum. It started from Queen’s Wood, Highgate at 10.30am (where particpants were able to view one of the Moselle tributaries which starts off as a trickle) and ended at Markfield Park by the River Lea at 4pm. On the way it stopped at many key points to hear about some of the history of the river, its features and its surroundings. Continue reading “River Moselle Walk”

Haringey parks bus tour

The Haringey friends of parks forum is organising a minibus tour of haringey parks and open spaces on May 22nd.  It is a chance to visit the varied parks and open spaces of Haringey where friends groups operate and to see  parks in parts of the borough that you may not have visited. It is hoped that members of the parks friends groups will be on hand to show off their park and answer questions and point out any unique features etc.

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The Trax

The Trax @ Lordship

The Trax is a new club for the Off Road Mountain Bike, Street, BMX, Freeride and Dirt riders of Lordship Rec and North London. We aim to get us Lordship Rec riders and North Londoners organised into a community to get the best out of our riding here and in the surrounding areas.  Come support us by joining today.

Contact Daniel Mintz, daniel.mintz@ibikeride.com 07990 577206.

Dog Training

The dog training has proved to be a great success and we will be running the session every Wednesday night at 7pm until September, weather and holidays permitting.