Lordship Hub Fundraiser

LORDSHIP Hub are running an appeal to help them survive the extended lockdown. Please donate and share this link.


  • So far we have reached Ā£5500 of our Ā£30,000 Hub appeal target. Please help us get there! Heartfelt thanks to all those who have donated so farā¤

One of our users shared what the Hub has meant to her, she said:

“Really hope you get through this. You saved my sanity during maternity leave and enabled me to make great friends through various activities, not to mention providing the best entertainmentĀ  andĀ  duck food for the pond! A toddler’s dream!”

Let’s make sure we survive to keep up the good work for everyone!

Hub Huddle – New Blog


See HUB HUDDLE a weekly blog connecting Hub and park users during lockdown.
PLEASE join in by sending in any inspirational photos or videos of neighbourhood solidarity, moments of collective joy or pictures of fabulous art or craft work, gardening produce, delicious recipes you have learned to make as you have developed new skills, or picked up old ones during lock down. We would love to hear from you on hello@lordshiphub.org.uk.

Closing of park play and gym equipment

The Friends have been told by the the CouncilĀ  that they will begin tomorrow to close all play areas, outdoor gyms, skate parks, sports areas and paddling pools. So Friends will begin to find these areas locked up and where a fence does not exist a fence being erected around normally unfenced areas e.g. outdoor gyms. We expect all of the fenced sites to be locked tomorrow with temporary fences going up over the next couple of days due to the scale and work involved. Signage will follow later in the week once its produced.

The coronavirus public health crisis – what we can all do

Lordship Hub to close for a while until it is possible to continue serving the park and our communities again

Hi everyone

Many people are thinking about what we can all do during this public health crisis to help each other and our communities. ‘What’ and ‘how’ need further discussion everywhere. Many new hyper-local mutual aid and solidarity groups in various streets and neighbourhoods seem to be being formed in the last few days, which is to be welcomed. Also to be welcomed is that the Lordship Rec Hub staff and board members held an emergency meeting on Saturday and agreed to try to stay open for as long as possible to support park users and our communities throughout the crisis. This is just the beginning and the Hub anticipates serious personal, financial and social challenges ahead – they will welcome extra support (more info to follow soon).

For all of us, in every street and block of flats, these are some of the things we can do to help the situation:

– spread good practice based on public health guidelines, regarding hygiene, distancing and advice/health helplines, etc

– encourage people to support each other if vulnerable, or in self-isolation

– try to ensure everyone has access to basic food needs etc

– try to ensure people can look after their kids OK if schools etc close

– try to ensure people who lose wages etc don’t face destitution or any threat of eviction from their homes etc

– support the hard-working and over-stretched emergency workers (eg health staff)

– keep general morale up

This is going to be a massive challenge for everyone. Please look after yourselves and each other.

In solidarity,

Dave Morris (Chair, Friends of Lordship Rec)

Friends monthly Drop in

Sunday 1st March, 2pm

Regular Friends of Lordship Rec Drop in meeting at Lordship Hub. All welcome to chat about the Rec, what has been going on and what will be happening in the future.

River Moselle in Lordship Rec works to start

There will be lots of activity around the Moselle in the Rec on Tuesday 4th February when Ebsford contractors, supported by Haringey Trust for Conservation (TCV) volunteers, work on removing vegetation and blockages from the channel to help the River flow. The faster the flow that can be achieved, the less silt is deposited. Ebsford , who have been engaged for the next 3 years to assist with the maintenance of the channel will also be applying Siltex, a natural product, which helps silt to break down. To avoid the nesting season the next works are scheduled for September. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Haringey TCV, https://www.tcv.org.uk/london/haringey.

Friends of Lordship Rec AGM

Sunday 2nd February, 1-3pm at Lordship Hub.Ā 

Come and find out what the Friends haveĀ  achieved over the past year and what plans there are for the future. Get involved in maintaining and improving the Rec for all in our community. Refreshments available for free.


Please can all Haringey residents sign the online petition now!

Follow tw: @FoHaringeyParks #saveharingeyparks

Haringey’s parks are crucial spaces for all local communities. They need to be properly run, but are suffering from a serious lack of funding, staffing and maintenance.

We are calling on the Council to ensure

– safe, attractive, well-managed, well-maintained and well-protected public green spaces for all
– dedicated staffing for each significant park, and a well-staffed parks service
– no inappropriate commercial activities which have a detrimental impact or exclude residents from using their local parks

Why is this important?
All Haringey residents – of all ages and interests – benefit from access to public green spaces for their local community and neighbourhood. But they must be well-run and in good condition in order to provide the many benefits all residents deserve. The parks staff do their best but don’t have the numbers or resources to manage properly.

We need 2,200* people who live, work or study in Haringey to sign up online with a local postcode (your home, workplace or school) by the end of February in order to trigger a debate at the council meeting in March. Please also ask all the local people you know! Please sign up here: https://bit.ly/2QQdMpk or here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-haringey-s-parks-and-green-spaces
This is a petition from the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, the umbrella network for the 45 local Friends of Parks groups championing their local green spaces.

@FoHaringeyParks https://twitter.com/FoHaringeyParks #saveharingeyparks

* Note: This supercedes the hard copy version, so anyone who’s already signed up should do so again online.