News Update

Next Friends meeting – Sunday 3rd April, 2pm

In our new temporary venue: Church on the Farm

– a meeting room at the back of the Opportunity Centre, Adams Rd (200metres to the east of the Broadwater Community Centre)

General News

  1. The regeneration works have started at last. Works compound being set up at the main gate. The parks staff have moved into a container in that compound. Our old hut by the paddling pool will soon be demolished to make way for the construction of a new Environment Centre (to be completed by the end of 2011)… etc etc ….  There will be signs put up soon at the gates to explain things… Most of the park will remain open to the public for most of the time, but there will of course be quite a bit of disruption in some areas whilst works are going on. A temporary ‘road’ is currently being created through the main field so that the public can continue to use the paths safely and they are not damaged by heavy vehicles. Works are due to finish summer/autumn next year.
  2. The Mother & Toddler Group are relocating to the Broadwater Community Centre from the beginning of April until we all return to use the community room in the new Environment Centre. Trax will be meeting again soon in a hired container by the contractor’s compound. Both the Trax and the Friends will be buying containers for longer term storage (to go by Freedom Way). The Dog Training Sessions continue every Wednesday 1pm near the main gate.. The Monday morning brisk health walks (meet 9.20am at Downhills Gate) continue as always.
  3. Loads of volunteers co-ordinated by Back 2 Earth are helping create new Harmony Gardens around the Broadwater Community Centre. The Friday lunchtime cafe continues as always, 1pm-2pm, and the food just gets better and better. And its cheap, and there’s loads of friendly faces to chat to – so why not drop by?
  4. The Friends event on March 6th was packed out – over 100 people watched the shadow puppets display laid on to launch the recent improvements to the island, and to say goodbye to our home for the last 10 years.
  5. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts and protests, the Council voted through a 50% cut in Haringey’s parks maintenance, and some staff are facing redundancy. The Council has given a public guarantee to the Lottery that Lordship Rec will have improved staffing and maintenance for 10 years. This was a condition of getting the money to regenerate the park so we are determined to hold them to that. However we will continue to support parks staff and other Friends groups across the borough in opposing cuts. Naturally we are encouraging everyone to join the massive TUC national demonstration against cuts on Saturday. Meet up with us and many others at 10am Turnpike Lane to go there together…
  6. The Friends of Downhills Park can at last announce the public opening of the new Community Cafe there (by the tennis courts) after 10 years of lobbying and campaigning. Grand Opening – Monday 28th March, 2pm. Please go and check it out! The Friends there have also created a wildlife pond just north of the woodlands in Downhills Park.

Loads more news… but come along to our Friends meeting/drop-in on Sunday 3rd April for more info and to discuss everything together..