Luke Howard anniversary celebrations

Come to a meeting to help organise a celebration of Luke Howard (namer of clouds) who was born in November 250 years ago.
Sunday 24th April at the Hub 11.30am.
Luke Howard was a chemist by training, but his passion was clouds. He solved a centuries-old problem by developing a system for naming clouds, which were believed to be impossible to name. Using Latin, the recognised language of science, he named the key categories Cumulus (Latin for Heap), Stratus (Latin for Layer) and Cirrus (Latin for a Curl of Hair). Categories which are still used today and easy to recognise by looking up at the sky.

Luke Howard, a Quaker, was involved in the Anti-Slavery Movement and a prominent member of the Society Against Capital Punishment, Society Against Cruelty to Animals and a founding member of the African Institution.

During his journeys on Quaker business, Luke Howard travelled across the country where he noticed the differences in temperature in the newly industrialised cities. In doing so he was the first person to identify what are now known as Urban Heat Islands which are implicated in Climate Change.

Come along to a meeting on Sunday 24 April at 11.30am at Lordship Hub to find out about and help carry out the plans to celebrate this inspiring figure – ideas already being developed include a Luke Howard Weather Station, Cloud Interpretation boards at Lordship Rec and a weekend of events 26/27 November 2022 including talks, poetry, art, photography, camera obscura and cloud viewing.

Something else to celebrate on Luke Howard’s anniversary is the success of the Hub in obtaining funding to install solar panels which are a clean, green source of energy and a great way to reduce their carbon footprint. The sun is a free source of energy and important for reducing reliability on oil and gas.

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