LRUF general meeting

Wednesday 20th July – 6.30pm

@ Broadwater Community Centre, 1 Adams Rd, N17

For reps and members of all organisations wishing to see a successful regeneration of Tottenham’s largest open green space.

Includes: Updates from park user groups and local community groups; Latest news of the regeneration works, and other park improvements planned; Planning for the Sept 24th ‘Sporticulture’ Community festival [Mainly Sports activities and Horticulture Show] in and around the Community Centre

+  LRUF Stakeholders Weekly Co-ordination Surgeries
Tuesdays, 10am – 11am
@ Broadwater Community Centre, 1 Adams Rd, N17
Detailed and intense look at current regeneration progress each week. All groups welcome.

+  Friends of Lordship Rec monthly meeting / drop-in / update for all park users – for all the news and views!
Sunday 3rd July – 2pm  
At new temporary venue, Church on Farm, back of Opportunity Centre, Adams Rd. (Just 200 metres up the road from the Community Centre). All park users and local residents welcome to drop in!