Lordship Recreation Ground Improvements

Monthly Update for the Lordship Rec Users Forum

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Recreation Services

May 2009

Note 1: Most key documents can now be viewed on www.haringey.gov.uk/lordshiprec
Note 2: Friends of Lordship Rec website is www.lordshiprec.org.uk
Note 3: Any major enquiries, please contact LBH: luisa.baker@haringey.gov.uk or LRUF: dmorris@onetel.com

Lordship Recreation Ground Masterplan

  • The Masterplan Draft Stage C report completed by Chris Blandford Associates (CBA) is still in circulation for comment. In this document there is an updated play strategy  and draft plans for the new bike track, Lordship Lane entrance, Model Traffic Area and River Moselle water course have all been shown in more detail. All comments/feedback needs to come back to Luisa Baker (LB) by the Mid June 2009 so changes can be fed into the design(s).
  • Phil Dunne (CBA) will be attending the LRUF meeting on 18th May 2009 to go through the detail of the updated Masterplan.
  • The next formal Design Team Progression Meeting will be held 26th May 2009 at the BWFCC. There will be LRUF representation at this meeting as usual.
  • Key Reports/Drawings recently issued: Updated Masterplan Stage C Report (May 2009); Masterplan Notes  revised set of Notes issued May 2009.  Updated Masterplan Map – issued May 2009. All available at: www.haringey.gov.uk/lordshiprec


  • The new playground installation is still on track. Construction started May 11th 2009.
  • Posters will be put up in the Rec to notify the public of the closure of the entrance gates on Walpole Road during construction. The project is still due to finish by the summer holidays. Ronnie Roach is the LBH Officer leading on this project. 
  • Key Reports/Drawings recently issued: Final plans for the playground (January 2009) – contact LB for a copy

City Farm

  • Ongoing consultation with concerned residents of Lordship Lane and Walpole Road have led to a number of changes in the City Farm Design. For a full report please read the consultation document prepared by LB & DM. www.lordshiprec.org.uk/city-farm
  • Martin Burrows & Luisa Baker organised a successful trip to Hackney City Farm in May for a number of residents from Walpole Road.
  • Key Reports/Drawings recently issued:  Consultation Report by LB & DM (March 2009); City Farm Stage C drawings (April 2009)

Environmental Centre

  • A Stage C report has been finalised by ATAP after a series of consultation events and progression meetings.
  • Key Reports/Drawings recently issued:  Environmental Centre Stage D Drawings, taking into consideration consultation feedback, have been issued: ww.haringey.gov.uk/lordshiprec

Moselle River Restoration

  • Halcrow are currently still carrying out water testing at Lordship Rec and will be on site intermittently through the months of April and May – more info to follow.
    Key Reports/Drawings recently issued:  None.

Bike track

  • Consultation for the new mixed ability bike track has been co-ordinated by Daniel Mintz (via www.ibikeride.com) over Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Daniel submitted a report for the architects and designs are now being drawn up by CBA.

Shell Theatre, and the Toilet Block (Lordship Lane)

  • Drawings have been issued by the NPS Architects – See www.haringey.gov.uk/lordshiprec
  • Focus groups have been set up for both buildings. The group have discussed and commented on the designs which have led to revised drawings.
  • Further drawings to be issued in the near future.

Other News

  • Play: LBH has been awarded £20K from the ‘Playbuilder Fund’ to work with London Play on a natural play project in Lordship Rec. LBH, LRUF Chair, CBA’s landscape architect and London Play will be meeting in Mid May to discuss the feasibility of this project.
  • River: Lordship Rec. has also recently had confirmed a £200K contribution from the Environment Agency and ODA towards the River Moselle Restoration Project. This money will go towards match funding requirements.
  • Nature conservation: A Phase 1 Habitat Survey of the Rec has been completed. A draft Tree Strategy Plan has also been drawn up mapping all the trees in the Rec, and proposing which may need to be removed/replaced/relocated or new ones planted during the improvement works. A wildlife/nature conservation group of key stakeholders is being formed, co-ordinated by BTCV, and are planning a site visit on May 21st to assess some of the issues. A recent evening-time bat walk through the Rec organised by BTCV and Lea Valley Bats attracted 65 people, who all witnessed many bats around the lake.
  • Personnel: Emma Harrington has recently joined Recreation Services to help devise a funding strategy for Lordship Recreation Ground – to pursue further funding streams to meet our outstanding match funding requirements.

Log of on-site works

  • April 09: Soil investigations are being carried out at LRG by NPS from14th-24th April 2009. They will be on site carrying out borehole soil testing for the redevelopment works.  Complete
  • April 09: NPS condition surveys for the Shell Theatre and Toilet Block Completed.
  • April/May 09: Ecology Phase One Habitat Survey – April 2009 Completed. Draft Report issued..
  • Halcrow will be on site at Lordship carrying out several drainage exploratory works. On May 26th 2009 (am)
  • Lordship Rec. Community Information drop in session to display all the latest plans and proposals and gauge public responses. There will also be a question answer session from 6.30 until 8pm – June 9th 2009 at BWFCC 4.30 to 8pm – All welcome

Lordship Rec Users Forum

  • Next LRUF general meeting is on 18th May, 6.30pm at the BWF centre. This meeting will be attended by Phil Dunne from CBA who will be available to discuss the Masterplan in detail. Note: Minutes of all LRUF meetings: www.lordshiprec.org.uk/get-involved
  • Next Lordship Rec Community Festival Sep 12 planning meeting is on Mon June 1st, 6.30pm at the BWF centre. All stakeholders and interested organisations welcome.
  • User groups have organised a number of recent events, including a BTCV-led daisy walk, a Friends work-in to improve the path through the woodland (another planned for May 31st 2pm), and the Lordship Rec Dog Club have started weekly dog training sessions (Weds 7pm) in the Rec.  The Back To Earth community café (Fridays) and Tottenham Food Co-op Market Days (Last Fri/Sat of month) continue at the BWFCC.