Lordship Rec Users Forum

Next Meeting -  Monday 21st October 2009
at 6.30pm in the Broadwater Community Centre, 1 Adams Rd, N17
For reps of all organisations concerned to see a better future for the park
The Trax, Lordship Rec bike users group – first meeting, Sat October 3rd, 11am in the hut in the children’s playground
Friends of Lordship Rec – monthly drop in for all park users, Sunday October 4th, 2pm in the hut in the children’s playground.
Lordship Rec Dog ClubSunday October 4th and October 18th, 3pm in the South Field.
BWF Community CafeFridays at 12.30-3pm at the Centre
Lordship Walking GroupMondays at 9.20am, Downhills Pk Rd entrance

You can download the General Meeting minutes here.