Monthly Friends meeting 9th May

Friends of Lordship Rec General open meeting Sunday 9th May at 2pm on zoom

All supporters are welcome to attend our monthly meeting online to share news and views about Lordship Rec, and find out how to get actively involved in the group and volunteering.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 847 9177 9854    Passcode: 88he2T   (if needed)

Please read this very useful update from last month’s meeting:

Walk on the wildside

Clear your mind of worries with a walk on the wildside in Lordship Rec with other people and focus on the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Slow down and take a walk through the woods and the orchard and take in the river banks and the wildlife lake and notice the wildflowers and wildlife.
Friends of Lordship Rec are leading a walk on Friday 14th at 11am, meeting at the Downhills Park Road gate by the woodland area to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. The walk is likely to last between 1-1.5 hours.

Please email if you would like to join as numbers will be kept low.

For other activities throughout the week see:

Friends 20th Anniversary

This year in June the Friends of Lordship Rec will have been in existence for 20 years. During that time we have been at the forefront of major changes and improvements in the Rec and helped transform it from a neglected lonely place to a popular park with lots of beautiful natural and play/sport facilities.

The friends have built up volunteering in the park and there are now groups involving lots of local residents, looking after the orchard, the woodland, the meadows, the lake and the spinney.

If we are permitted we will be holding lots of fun activities in the Rec on June 26th to celebrate our birthday. Keep an eye on the website and facebook for more information.

Friends meeting

Sunday 11th April 2pm

Online by zoom – 

Come and join us to hear updates and share latest news and views about Lordship Rec and community activities there.

We welcome everyone who loves the park and wants to see continuing improvements – and a strong Friends Group making a difference.

Find out how you can join in!

Downhills Shelter Tragedy – new film

This short documentary pays respects to those local residents who were tragically killed in what was Tottenham’s largest single death-toll throughout the Second World War.

Early on during the London ‘Blitz’ on 19th September 1940 at 10.30pm, the ‘Downhills’ Air-Raid Shelter located underground at the southern end of Lordship Rec took a direct hit by a bomb from a German war plane. Around 2-300 people were inside at the time. It is believed that, as well as the 42 known victims (including some in houses by the shelter), dozens more died.

Local people and emergency services helped to rescue as many as possible, and people around the park put up the wounded and shocked in their homes.

The terrible  incident then faded into memory.

In the 2000s a member of the Friends of Lordship Rec, Ray Swain, did extensive research to uncover the full details of what had happened, and to track down survivors and families of those who had died.

In 2010 the Friends held a commemoration ceremony at the site, with survivors, family members and various dignitories. The Friends then appealed for public donations to build a memorial with a plaque listing all those known to have died in the tragedy. That memorial can be seen by the woodland.

AGM 2021 – annual review key documents

Our AGM is on March 7th at 2pm. A zoom link will be sent to our members on our email list and facebook page.

Here is a report of last year’s meeting.  But first a review of what became a very challenging last 12 months for everyone – a year in which we continued to ensure the Rec was able to support its users and the surrounding community at a time of even greater need. At the end is a map of the Rec showing many of the areas in which the Friends are involved with volunteering – more welcome to join in!

FLR AGM 2021 Annual report for 2020 pdf

FLR AGM 2 Feb 2020 mins pdf

FLR accounts 19-20 draft

LRUF decision-making 3.2021

FLR volunteering opps map 2020

Harmony Gardens Report 3.2021 pdf

Lordship Rec Spinney Report 3.2021 pdf

Our 20th anniversary!

This coming summer we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of Lordship Rec.  Here’s 6 inspirational videos to enjoy that tell the story of the Rec and its successful community-led renaissance..

1938 – Opening of the Lordship Rec Model Traffic Area (by the Minister of Transport) [2 min]

2007 – Tottenham Says Restore Our Rec!  [31 min]

2012 – 8,000 attend Lordship Rec Festival to celebrate its regeneration [3 min]

2017 – Lordship Hub Co-op: Community building in every sense [12 min]

2018 – Lordship Rec Main Feature on BBC Countryfile  [8 min]

2020 – A message to the world, mown into the main field of the Rec   [27 secs]