Wildlife Group News

Lordship Wildlife Group meeting was on 26 September 2017

**Seed Swap day Sunday 22 Oct at Wolves Lane**

We want to have a hamper for a raffle, anyone can contribute food, flowers or kitchen or garden-related stuff. Ruth to provide leaflets for a wildlife table.

Contact Judith, Jane S, Pamela or Sue P. regarding Seed day.

For the Seed Swap day we will also be showing the photos of local people’s gardens.  Please print them yourselves or get your photos to Alyson by email by Friday 13th Oct. Judith will laminate. We can also create an online album. Thank you.

**Special fund raising  vegetarian meal at 7.30 in the Hub on Saturday 21st Oct, £15. Plus folk singing, apple bobbing and more** 

Please book : hello@lordshiphub.org.uk or ask in Hub office.

Green Waste Collections – An alternative to the £75 bin is to have 60 non-returnable/bio-degradable bags for £55 these will be tagged to your address as proof of having paid for their collection. You may keep your present bags to use in your garden but they will not be collected after 23 October.

Black History Month. The Hub is organizing several events, some for children from 25 to 29 Oct. On Sunday 29 October one of the events is by Flo Headlam talking about gardening. She is sometimes on Gardeners World, see https://flo-the-gardener.com/about/

Hub Garden. Some of you will know that part of the little wild flower garden just outside the Hub front door, was dug up recently for drain repairs. We have replanted as best we could but it looks a little less complete than before. However, it will recover and by next year will be splendid again.

Birds. Sue P did a survey of birds and found that Parakeets have increased in number. Contact her directly for more results.

For sale set of 9 beautiful cards of Rec for only £5.

Big Harvest and River Festival Sept 16 here in the Rec was very well attended, people came from far and wide. There were many stalls, food, music and activities. Judith did a workshop on pollution by plastics and Ruth did one on pruning your fruit trees and bushes.

Web site. Have you looked at it lately? Give us your feedback on what you would like to see there.

Last meeting this year of the Wildlife Group is on 24th Oct. Hope to see you there. Bring your ideas on what you would like to see next year.


     We are having a project to collect your photos of what and how you are growing veg, fruit, flowers, herbs or other plants organically. This includes growing for wildlife and growing plants as a community or individually.

Ruth needs some stones the size of a child’s closed hand, to fill gaps between big stones in the gabions If you have any please leave in Hub office. Thanks.


We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 2pm in the Hub Lordship Rec to catch up and plan. All are welcome to join us.
We also do wild flower surveys in the Rec. Come and join in. You can learn something and enjoy looking too.   We also do other tasks to increase biodiversity.
For more info email rutharooot@blueyonder.co.uk