The River

The Moselle

The Moselle

The River Moselle is a tributary of the River Lea and has its source in Queens Wood in Highgate.

It flows from West to East across Lordship Rec for a distance of about 400 meters. Most of the water is now diverted into a culvert under a path and it disappears under streets and built up areas at each end appearing again in Tottenham Cemetary to the east.

The old river course remains but is now little more than a straight ditch through which water flows during wetter weather. Maps show the river in its present position since 1619 but it may have originally been a meandered across the space before the area became a farm.

The Friends of Lordship Rec have been working for the past few years to encourage the restoration of the river to make it once again an attractive natural feature in the landscape for the local community to enjoy. (See The Future – Projects)